The Pros And Cons Of Smartphone And Mobile Apps

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Smartphone apps stunningly dominate the mobile web time
Mobile phones, especially since the era of Smartphone’s have modified the lifestyle and the routine of the people. These touch-enabled devices can assist a person daily in almost all the aspects of life. Right from booking a cab to go to the office in the morning to ordering food in the evening, Smartphone’s are the means that most of them use.
Powerful Combo of Smartphone’s and Mobile Apps
Smartphone’s have changed the way in which people used to accomplish a task. Most of the functions that laptops and desktops did in the past are done by Smartphone’s now. One of the major factors contributing to this metamorphosis is the arrival of mobile apps.
So, the time spent by the users
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So naturally the phone gets slower if a lot of apps are stored on it as it occupies large spaces in the device. The stats also manifests that the people in the age group of 18-25 favor using mobile apps. They primarily attribute the features and the functionalities of the mobile apps as the reason for their preference.

Advantages of Mobile apps
A general outlook is that mobile apps are slowly beginning to extend their dominance over mobile sites.
• Most of the mobile applications render good browsing speeds than the mobile sites.
• Also, some form of an ad blocker has to be used in mobile sites as these ads slow down the browsing speed and affect the user experience. That is not the case with mobile applications.
• For high resolution gaming, mobile apps are the perfect choice as of now.
• Mobile apps help the companies to have a personal contact with the user. Constant updates can be sent on a regular basis, Evernote is a good example for that.
Advantages of mobile website
A mobile website has to be designed keeping in mind the width and the size of the screen. The users perform various actions such as scrolling, typing and zooming while using a mobile site. A site has to be flexible and support all kinds of activities by the user. But, mobile sites too have some scintillating advantages over mobile apps. They are as
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Both mobile apps and mobile sites are efficient if designed to meet the expectations of the targeted audience. The truth is that, both the apps and the mobile sites have their own limitations and strengths. If the right methodology is followed, then both these platforms can be enormously fruitful. That is the inference point that one can reach after analyzing the pros and cons of apps and mobile websites.
Results from the survey
Statistics and survey points out that the Smartphone apps are dominating the mobile web time. Most of the time is spent in messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Snapchat. Analysis states that there will be an increase of 3% in the usage of these smartphone apps in the next year. This is expected to rise alarmingly and by 2018 it is predicted to reach 8.3%.
In the US, 73.6% of the adult population makes use of Smartphone’s which is staggering. But hold on, that is not going to stop. That trend is likely to reach 80% of the adult population by 2018. Only 14% of the mobile web time is accounted to mobile websites and the rest is mainly because of mobile

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