The Pros And Cons Of Single Sex Education

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A lot of public schools have girls and boys together in the same class. A lot of private schools keep girls and boys seperated. Having separate gender classes would cause kids some lag in the long run because you can rarely get a job where you only interact with one gender. Some people believe that separating the genders will have a better outcome for students, schools should still have co-education classes, because it will be better for girls and boys because single sex education doesn’t raise some students academic level, it costs more to go to a single sex school, and lastly, segregation is already a hot issue.

My first reason is single sex education doesn’t necessarily raise the students success. As long as girls and boys have a good environment to work in, the gender separation shouldn’t be a problem. “The American Association of University Women
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Some people don’t have a lot of money, and education is valuable for kids growth and development. “The majority of single-sex schools are private or independent, which means parents are paying fees to educate their children.” This supports my reasoning because parents pay money to educate their children, when there are plenty of other good public options, that don’t involve segregation in the classroom. "Some people pay a lot of money to send their children to these kinds of schools. ... We thought maybe this is something that could work in a public school setting," This evidence supports my reasoning because it shows that people on low end communities who move aren’t going to be able to afford going to a segregated schools. There are some people who can barely afford co-education, which has the ability to be free or a lot cheaper. Switching over to these single sex schools would decrease the amount of students (in low wage communities), and wouldn’t give low wage families a chance to give their kids a well-rounded

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