The Pros And Cons Of Serial Killers

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Since the beginning of time there have been all types of people in the world. You have, modest people, smart people, wild people, egotistical people, and selfish people amongst many other kinds. What it all comes down to in reality is whether we are categorized in the eyes of society as good or bad people. Generally thinking about it, policemen, firemen, and doctors for example are typically seen as the good kind of people. This is due to the service they provide or are supposed to provide to the public. On the other end people like, pedophiles, burglars, and murderers are seen as the bad kind of people. This is due to the negative harm they do, by making others victims of their actions. Whether we realize it or not, everything as of the minute …show more content…
Unlike a murder due to jealousy for instance, serial killers don’t have an emotional attachment to most of their victims. Many times it is simply about killing more, and more people, because it gives them a satisfying feeling in return. Serial killers many times, seek a sense of power over others. They feel this sense of power when they are able to kill another human. Usually serial killers are people that have lacked the ability to create friendships, or any type of relationship. They stick to themselves, and become extremely anti-social. People like this might begin to feel a lack of power, and through serial killings, they feel a sense of power. Although there are characteristics that most serial killers have in common, no serial killer is hands on spotted, or detected. The reality is, they actually blend in very well at times amongst everyone else. Serial killer, although possible, aren’t really the weird, creepy, neighbor across the street that you tell your kids to stay away from. As a matter in fact it might just be the neighbor you see every morning, and say hi to. Serial killers tend to be very smart, they develop a pattern in how they do their killings, and they stick to it. Serial killers do a great job in camouflaging as normal individuals, which is why by the time they are caught, sometimes they’ve committed a numerous amount of murders. Murder of any kind is bad, but it is very intriguing to wonder what causes such actions? Serial killers act the way they do many different reasons. A lot of things can be examined when looking into what creates a serial killer. I’m guessing your average person doesn’t raise a serial killer to be a serial killer. Serial killers are made over time, through years of certain behaviors, and

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