The Pros And Cons Of Self Driving

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Many people willingly endanger their lives and the lives of others when behind the steering wheel, operating a one and a half ton speeding machine. Self driving cars have been in development for years and is getting closer to consumer hands everyday. Autonomous cars have the potential to replace cars that that require humans to operate. Many large companies such as Google and Tesla have taken interest in this technology and plan to have it commercialized by 2020. This is important because it could reduce accidents, allow for safer driving, and give a larger audience of people easy transportation.Although the adoption process may be slow, Self Driving cars might be the next big thing in technology.
Self Driving cars are slowly moving towards the everyday consumer.These cars will be affordable for the everyday person, it is stated that “We expect there will be nearly 10 million cars with one of our defined self-driving car features” (Source 1).This shows that because the cars will be easily accessible they will quickly become a part of everyday life.Many large companies are taking steps to get a market in this new technology, it is stated that “Google is testing a fully autonomous prototype… and the company hopes to
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and making sure they work” (Source 4).This quote proves my claim because it shows that they are mostly complete with the technology, but the have to make sure that it works across a large range of different environments.Many years of testing brough Google’s autonomous car to the where it is now“The company's Google unit has conducted autonomous vehicle testing for six years in Mountain View, California” (Source 4)This quote proves my claim because it show that lots of time have gone into getting this technology ready. After many years of trial and error, this technology is almost ready to hit the

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