The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

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Register to read the introduction… A government is required to treat the people equally and put the benefits of the people prior to anything else. Therefore, the government should not impose morality by banning same-sex marriage and making same-sex marriages illegal as it shows discrimination to a minority of people. Same-sex couples should be able to marry and to be treated as normal people. As what the California Chief Justice, Ron George said in 2008: “Limiting the designation of marriage to a union 'between a man and a woman' is unconstitutional and must be stricken from the statute.”
Moreover, same-sex marriage would improve the lives of children. With it comes to raising children together in same-sex marriage, they can choose to joint adoption, joint foster care, custody, and visitation privileges. It would be easier for same-sex couples to adopt kids. Since it would be easier to adopt, adoption rates would increase and less kids would be in orphanages or foster
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Forces of radicalism are laboring night and day to deconstruct marriage, legitimize counterfeits, and re-define family in ways that would make it unrecognizable as the foundational social institution.’ Most of them were in the point of apocalyptic visions of the moral decay of our nation. They argue that SSM will destroy the institution of marriage, resulting in negative effect for the children. Statistically, children under parents of natural marriage will perform better in the social life in compare to children under parents of same sex marriage. Children are the essential element of marriage. Hence, different gender of spouse is the better way to ensure that children get the best possible upbringing.
Besides that, children are better off when they are raised by their biological parent. In the SSM, at least one parent would have unrelated genetic to the child. Furthermore, homosexual is a chosen lifestyle. Children who grow up in a SSM family would be influenced to become a homosexual. (WHY???)By doing so, the culture of homosexual would be continued deriving to next generation.(WHY???) The main purpose of marriage is procreation. Being a same sex partner, they could not procreate by themselves. All these situations would affect the growth of next

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