The Pros And Cons Of Same-Sex Marriage

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In June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage has been legal in all of the 50 states of the

United States of America. A lot of people, including the heterosexuals, homosexuals, etc.,

were in pure ecstasy. Same-sex couples were finally allowed to live happily and marry each

other. Although, despite the happiness around, there were still people who didn't like this idea

and they continued to fight for same-sex marriage to be illegal again. As for the Philippines,

same-sex marriage is still not legal and the LGBT are seen as invisibles or having a low life.

What, exactly, does "LGBT" stand for? Does it mean, "Lamb, Goats, and

Barbecue Toasts"? Does it mean, "Littering Garbage is Bad Today"? By the way, I literally
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For example,

LGBTQA stands for, "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and

Asexual or Ally."

In the past, the homosexuals were treated like animals. They were treated

differently as if they were monsters who don't deserve to live amongst other people. The

western places, especially the U.S.A., didn't approve of same-sex marriage too. But in 1924,

the Society for Human Rights in Chicago became the US' earliest known gay rights

organization. Although, if you look at the laws in the Philippines, you will notice that the

country's law don't approve of same-sex marriage.

Hatred towards the LGBT community still lingers around us. There are people

who don't accept them and seek for the ending of their existence. I know a lot of people who

don't like them and say things that the LGBT in general sexually harass the heterosexuals.

The last time I checked is that there is, in fact, heterosexual males and females who have

harassed the opposite sex.

The LGBT are considered as a group or community, but they are all different.

The "L" in LGBT stands for "Lesbian," and they are females who are sexually attracted
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Many same-sex couples have not experienced that, and they were

really happy when same-sex marriage was legalized in their country.

Another thing is that same-sex couples aren't allowed to adopt children in some

countries. There was one person who said, "Children should be taken care by a mother and a

father." That argument is invalid and has been disproven by many. There are so many same-

sex parents who have successfully taken care of their child.

Homophobia is terrifyingly amusing sometimes. The ignorance and the hatred

that they give off makes me question about a lot of things. They argue about something and

when we give them a meaningful opinion, they don't listen and they keep on believing that

they are better than we are. You must be wondering, "What in the world is 'homophobia'?"

Homophobia is the hatred towards homosexuality. Homophobia is there because

of how they were taught as they grew up, and they were influenced by their family and their

environment. But should this actually be considered a phobia? According to the dictionary,

phobia is the extreme fear of something. I, personally, believe that it shouldn't be

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