The Pros And Cons Of Rio Olympics

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Faster, Higher, Stronger?
“Go USA!!!” is a phrase many Americans cheer as they watch in anticipation the Olympic Games at home. Many of us enjoy watching sports and will cheer on our country’s athletes while the Olympics are taking place. However, for the upcoming Olympics in Rio, there has been massive controversy over whether they should even take place. Many problems have flooded Brazil recently and organizations like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, important figures and authors, and even athletes have taken stance on whether the olympics should be cancelled or continued. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) must cancel the Olympics from Rio de Janeiro because of Brazil’s economic state,
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First, there is very little money to spend on the Olympics after Brazil’s economy plummeted in correlation with China’s (Steinback). Alison Steinbach on Harvard’s International Review states that, “Rio plans to spend less public money on all of the Olympics than London spent on its main stadium.” (Steinbach). With hardly any money being spent on the infrastructure in Brazil for the upcoming games, Rio will not be prepared for the expected minimum of 350,000 spectators or for the athletes who will participate there this summer (Attaran, “Moody’s:). Already, Brazil has experienced predicaments with sporting infrastructures when a newly built bike trail collapsed a few months ago (“2016 Rio). The minimal spending in Brazil will cause many problems throughout the Olympics when building infrastructure and preparing for visitors. One can expect other facilities to experience complications and ruin the Olympic games. In addition, violence and jeitinho, a way to get around legal obstacles, has spread throughout Rio after the city relocated thousands of citizens in Rio to provide for the upcoming games. In 2009, when Rio first began preparing for the Olympics, 119 favela’s, or small communities, were eradicated to provide for the space needed in the Olympics (Worrall). This moved thousands of families out of their homes and some into the streets (Collins). The many families living on the streets and the decimated economy of Brazil has caused people to use jeitinho and violence (Worrall). This can be seen when Brazilian’s will block up traffic and rob each other (Worrall). The poor Brazilian economy has caused a plethora of violence in Rio as people resort to using jeitinho to get what they want or need. In all, the Olympics must be cancelled because of the poor economy in Brazil, leaving little money and preparation for the Olympics and causing violence and

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