The Pros And Cons Of Renewable Energy

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Register to read the introduction… “Still the solar technology is the subject of tremendous interests by researchers and by entrepreneurs seeking improvement or a next- generation solar collector” ( Fernando Thomas ) . Another energy source that may be thought of as a non-renewable source is the nuclear energy because it uses uranium. Uranium is non-renewable element that exists in the Earth’s shell. But Scientists argued that nuclear energy belongs to the renewable sources because a nuclear reaction is a self-sustaining process. Nuclear reactors can produce electricity from nuclear fissions reactions with uranium 235 and plutonium 239. The Nuclear reactors produce an efficient supply of power, but still they have a very risky disadvantages compared to other renewable resources. The nuclear power major hazardous effects conclude in the chance of castarophic accident that contaminates the environment with radioactivity and it might lead to the annihilation of people and wild life, another danger is an accumulation of radio activity wastes that might not be safely disposed for thousands of years. ( Maczulak …show more content…
The subject of renewable energy contains many questions yet to be resolved. But innovations in renewable energy have emerged at an encouraging rate and continue to offer new approaches in energy use. The new ideas coming out from universities and small laboratories range from sophisticated programs to simple collage experiments. Governments and industries have opportunities to make some changes to energy production that will affect the consumers within the next few years. A new administration in Washington D.C, has already stated it wants progress to happen in many of the following areas : a modernized U.S. power grid and feedback capabilities; strict requirements for power companies to generate a portion from their products from renewable sources ; continued commitment to lowering global greenhouse gas emissions. (Maczulak) The only thing renewable energy technology asks from every one is a willingness to succeed. For the first time in history a great portion of the world’s population now make decisions based on conservations and renewal. Environmentalists have found people willing to listen who are not content with the old ways of dispensing electricity, heating a house, or powering a car. With the will to succeed the renewable energy industry finally has a

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