Religion Vs Science Essay

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A young child looks through his telescope as he gazes through space at the stars. As he observes the nearby planets he wonders to himself “Where did all of these celestial bodies come from?” “Why are they here?” He is not alone. Throughout civilization humans have searched for the answers to these life altering questions. Some search for answers by way of spiritual beliefs and practices. Others would look for scientifically supported theories. Which is better? The choice is yours. There are many different religions and scientific theories about who we are and where we come from; though they are different in many ways there are times when religion and science coincide.
Since the beginning of time and civilization humans have searched for the
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The word Islam translates from Arabic to the English word “submission”. Followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims. Islam is a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad claims to have received revelations from the angel Gabriel during the 7th century in Saudi Arabia. Once Muhammad received these revelations he then decided to spread the religion of Islam and its teachings throughout all of the Arabian Peninsula. He wrote a book of spiritual text known as the Qur’an. All Islamic followers believe that the Qur’an is the direct word of God. Muslims refer to their god by the name …show more content…
Before the 21st century many scientists were unable to figure out what the earth was suspended upon. Many different polytheistic religions taught that the earth was held up by a spiritualistic god or creature. Once again, Christians already knew the answer. The bible explains in Job 26:7 that the earth is suspended upon nothing. Once again the bible coincides with science, and proves itself to be scientifically accurate. These two examples are not the only instances in which the bible proves itself accurate in the field of science. The bible gives reference to the water cycle in Ecclesiastes 1:7 when it mentions that the stream flows from the same place over and over

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