The Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling In The United States

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What is Known
Racial profiling denies persons equal treatment and protection under the laws (Audi, 2008). Devaluing people based on their race, ethnicity and religion. While eradicating the trust of law enforcement (Amnesty International, 2015). The Fourth Amendment allows officers to stop and frisk if they think that a person looks suspicious. This is another tactic that allows law enforcement to racially profile a person of color. “People of color are sometimes profiled and stopped in traffic due the neighborhood that they may not look like they belong or possible the way that they are position in a car (NIJ, 2013)”.
One would think that in this day and age, racial profiling would be no more. Deaths committed by the hands of law enforcement
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During World War II Asian American were locked up even though they were citizens of the United States. There is even racial profiling within the same race, for instance, upper white class people calling lower class white people trailer trash. Lower class black people sometimes call established black people boougie. There are black people who may feel that all white people are evil because of their ancestors. People are often being profiled by their names, which may cost them the opportunity of being chosen for a job. One of the co-hosts of a talk show called The View, Raven Symone she stated that she would not hire some with the name Watermelon Aundrea. Clearly, this is something that will most likely would never end because this is the society we live in. What would the world be like if people were not racially profiled? Do you think that all of the violence would stop or do you think that there would be other dilemmas that would affect the world? How do you think a black person would feel not to be watched when entering a department store or possibly have a text sent out on social media Group Me, letting other store managers know that you are approaching their stores. Maybe having a Middle Eastern person walk through an airport without having everyone watching …show more content…
Not only does racial profiling occur within races, but also among different categories, within society in general. When it comes to racial profiling there are policies and human rights issues that relate to racial profiling. Blumer states, a basic understanding of race prejudice must be sought in the process which racial groups form images of themselves and others. This process is fundamentally a collective process, (Blumer, 1958, p.3). Racial groups form these images on own acceptances based on what appears to be right in the groups sight. With groups ranging from Hitler, The Aryan Brothers race, the United States which views the Caucasian members of the society as the dominant race, as well as racism occurring with the medical, professional and just about any issue that revolves in the human race. Too many times racial profiling displays it hand among individuals no matter what ethnic group a person belongs to. Such groups as, women, homosexuals, transgender are profiled, and this type of profiling leads to detrimental effects for the individual. Elderly individuals are racially profiled just because of their ages and defensiveness, which is viewed as a form of weakness in any given racial group of society. With this in mind, the occurrences that come with racial profiling exist from two main views. 1. From the view of the individual, that is left feeling belittled. 2. From the view

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