The Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality

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Over the past couple of years there have been a few cases within our justice system that have been questionable within the eyes of the public, and have become nationally recognized. Many of these cases have not gone in favor of the victims who were harmed or maimed by an officer of the law, and caused huge damaging uproars across the nation. By doing this it brings up a question, do police officers take matters too far, or is there actual justification to make up for their actions.
Police brutality has been going on for years, there have been many instances throughout time where officers of the law have used excessive force, sometimes without proper jurisdiction when they uphold the law in certain cases. For example the Rodney King case in
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The case of Michael Brown, which I’ll explain happened because Brown had stolen some cigars from a convenience store, pushing the clerk out of the way while leaving. Brown and his friend were then walking down the middle of the street, when police Officer Darren Wilson approached the two men. Officer Wilson initially was ordering them to move to the sidewalk, but instead got into an altercation over his gun with Brown, who shortly fled after being struck in the right hand by a bullet. After further pursuit, Officer Wilson struck Brown with 6 shots, killing him on the road side. An although there are thousands of other police related deaths throughout the united states, this and a few other scenarios of police brutality caused a national uproar across the United States. The largest, most dangerous riots took place in Ferguson, causing the city to become swamped by the National Guard and media. I personally witnessed a group of individuals who live streamed the event in Ferguson from their point of view. I found the stream through an internet website called Reddit, and over the course of my freshman fall midterms I continuously watched the group’s broadcasts. Expecting to see a different side of the people rather than the news media’s footage, but sadly did not see much of a difference between the two …show more content…
What is more upsetting to me is that most of the murders in these altercations could have easily been avoided, instead of using excessive force on the individuals, alternative necessary force could have been applied. Moreover what causes these cases to be criticized so much, is equally shared upon the media, and the activists protesting against the courts. The media warps the perception on how the rest of the world will see and understand what is really going on. Additionally more tension is applied to this social issue because of the upset communities may have against police officers, some could be considered anarchists due to their extreme outrage of rebellion against authority. Many members who claim to support the Black-Lives-Matter movement also support destroying, and disrupting the rest of society to bring notice to their cause. The movement has overstepped its boundaries by destroying multiple businesses, causing large scale chaos within inner cities, and even interrupting the campaigns of politicians who have continuously given our country support towards equality for nearly half a

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