The Pros And Cons Of Police Brutalities

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Power over Choices Not a lot of people can say that they’ve never wanted to be a nurse, a Veterinarian, a fire fighter, a doctor or even a police officer when they grew up because we had thought that those kinds of people were heroes and really cool in their life. However, now that everyone has grown up, we are starting to see that not all heroes are good. There have been stories on the news, the internet, and in magazines about some police brutalities that have been happening because of corrupted cops. To start, the news have been finding out about more stories that involves officers abusing their power. When police are around, people are supposed to feel safe so that they don’t have to look over their shoulder or even worry if someone …show more content…
The one thing that nobody sees the most on the Internet about is police brutality; abuse by officers. There are a few stories that have been around for a few years. For instance, there’s a case from June 15th, 2015 in Long Beach, California about Feras Morad (20) that was injured and shot by an officer when he was unarmed and in pain. Feras was intoxicated and fell out of a second story window, police department got a call and instead of them helping the boy who was pain, they shot him dead because “he was a potential threat” stated officer Matthew Hernandez. Officer Hernandez was let off the hook by claiming self-defense while Morad had gotten no justice. Another case was on October 28th, 2013 in Saint Louis, Missouri; a blind woman, Marvelena Quesada (40) was attacked and dragged from the inside of a bar called Caleco’s Bar & Grill, down the street by an off-duty officer named William Clinton without reason. Meanwhile, during the incident her guide dog, Dani, was dragged by her leash that was on Marvelena’s wrist. The officer that harmed her and her dog got away with a slap on the wrist. From what is shown on the Internet there are many stories with evidence that proves police officers are abusing the power they

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