The Pros And Cons Of Our Constitution

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Our Constitution: Does it need to be reformed? Anybody who has ever run knows you can’t just randomly go out a run five miles without pain or taking breaks. It takes time, dedication, and patience to get into shape for running so that you are able to run those five miles painless and efficiently. Take that into consideration for a national state convention, you can’t just call for one and expect everything to run smoothly. It takes small steps in order to pursue great things. If the states were ever to obtain a convention, it would look like complete chaos. The last convention in 1787 was quiet, had closed doors, a vow of secrecy amongst the attendees, and people fighting for personal liberty. The Framers had different backgrounds and interest but had the same beliefs to do for the good of the people. Today if we had a convention, it would be broadcasted on every political show, people would be …show more content…
As Jefferson wrote the government ever became destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government (6). Today there is no point to abolish our government since it has succeeded for over 200 years. Though our government may have its flaws it is up to we the people to alter the constitution. In order to prevent chaos and to justify a peaceful constitutional convention; the solution is a “state convention”. An idea proposed by Andrea Billups was to have a convention for the states before calling a national constitutional convention. Here states could compare ideas and see what, if anything, they can agree on in amending the constitution (1). The states convention could be held every 5 years to where the states could reflect on possible changed for the constitution. If needed they could call for an emergency state convention if they see the Federal government is failing to do their job and something needs to

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