The Pros And Cons Of Organ Trafficking

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Register to read the introduction… The new law provided that the remains of prisoners or organs of executed prisoners could be harvested if no one claimed the body, if the executed prisoner volunteered to have his remains to be used, or if the family agreed to donate them. China has zero tolerance for crime. In the past years, individuals have been executed for petty crimes that would barely justify a prison sentence such as theft. Amnesty International asserts that the Chinese government is performing executions to expand the organ trade from executed prisoners. According to witnesses in China, criminals are regularly examined to select matches for waiting patients. One prisoner, during his seven year jail term, told how he saw a great number of prisoners being medically prepared for organ removal. Even though it is legal in China most of the world has taken steps in trying to make an effort to stop human organ trafficking. Doctors that perform these illegal operations are just as guilty as the people supplying …show more content…
However until we do make some drastic changes to these policies, do we really want organ trafficking to stop? It is said that if you need a kidney simply go to china and you will just wait on a fresh kidney to be delivered to the hospital. Moldova, where it is the worlds largest exports of organs, it is estimated that 10% of the organ transplants world wide come from Moldova. Even the chief of police is believed to be behind kidnapping people for their organs. Over three hundred thousand organ transplant take place every year, and the number of people who need organs well surpass that number. When people’s lives are on the line they will do anything to stay healthy. Let us just be honest, if your loved one was lying on his or her death bed, would you care where the organ came from? The stealing and trafficking human organs is wrong. However this is a growing epidemic that will not be easily stopped. As long as they are poor and desperate people, they will be taken advantage of for the sake of profit and

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