The Pros And Cons Of Never End Addiction

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The never ending addiction really irritates me! Will it ever stop? Of course not; it’s merely the beginning of its incubation period. Although the word determination doesn’t always apply to everyone, inner strength is over rated - it’ll all go down the drain once you’re hooked. Your soul will become absorbed into defeat, and you cannot help yourself but to keep going back; it becomes a part of your life-style, a variable you’ll become dependent on. All routes to freedom from the venom of addiction will continue to be blocked the more you’re hooked. To put it into perspective, the rate of homework assignments that are completed as of this day and age have decreased excessive. This is due to the many Johns and Marys that enter the realm of procrastination, as opposed to their assignment – we as a society are being further drawn in this addition. Due to its common use by the majority of the population, it is seen as …show more content…
It’s written by a teenager who is irked by not being able to have a normal conversation with his friend. Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that my friend’s existence is being replaced by a zombie; slowly being devoured into dullness. They’re physically there, yet do they truly comprehend your existence? On their phones laughing and smiling at their grandmother’s status, as if you weren’t there.
Isn’t it truly wasteful to stare at a screen for 3 hours that sprint by in 15 minutes? Whereas this time could have been used to learn a new skill, or read a book which will be of benefit to you. Yet in 3 hours all one does is share a few videos, upload pictures, and text; gaining nothing. I am not stating that one should completely stop using social media; however, eventually we will lose the ability to exchange human interactions, and our actions will affect our kids – the future

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