The Pros And Cons Of Mistakes

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Nobody is perfect, no matter how much they say they may be no one really is. Everyone makes mistakes and to learn you need to make mistakes! People cannot just learn how to do something, it doesn’t just pop into their minds. People and animals need to make mistakes to learn. Some of the greatest discoveries may have come from people making mistakes. Some examples would be Heinrich Schlieman, or Percy Spencer, some outstanding examples of people who made mistakes to discover something or just done it completely by accident. Many people would argue or protest that mistakes are not helpful in science. They may be correct in saying as many times mistakes do lead to disaster, however sometimes they may lead to a great discovery.
Heinrich Schlieman
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That bar of chocolate led to an amazing discovery, microwaves! When Percy had been in his early 20’s he had been only the 5th employee at a new company. They had a very unusual device called the magnetron that they had been studying for an amount of time. The magnetron gave off an abundance of heat, no one had really thought about this heat or what it could have a purpose for, that is until Percy Spencer. One day while Percy had been standing near the magnetron and he noticed that the chocolate that he had always kept in his pocket had melted. After that he made a connection, he asked for some popcorn kernels. And as he had predicted, they popped! And finally after twenty years he made the microwave. This all happened because of a simple being in the right place at the right time moment, and because of a bar of chocolate. This information can be sited in “How a melted bar of chocolate changed out …show more content…
Humans make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can lead to something amazing. Quotes from the article “A series of quotations about error and discovery” you can see that most of the quotes point toward that there will always be a mistake somewhere along the line. You just have to learn to accept it and make the best of a bad situation. Yes sometimes mistakes can lead to a horrible disaster. Well do we ever really acknowledge the mistakes that lead to something amazing? Mistakes can be good or bad but, I believe that without mistakes we wouldn’t know half of what we knew

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