The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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One of the current conflicts in the career of medicine is the debate of whether use of marijuana should be allowed to treat patients. Marijuana has been proven to help with epileptic seizures, side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients, minimize the pain of multiple sclerosis, and can treat inflammatory bowel diseases. However, there is still an ongoing debate between federal and state levels on whether the good effects outweigh the bad. Some causes for this debate is the unclear effects of medical marijuana use in the long term, the effects that medical marijuana would have on the illegal use of marijuana, and the abuse of marijuana in the patients that use it.
The medicinal use of marijuana has been taking place since five thousand years ago. It is believed it started in Asia, mainly in India. The introduction of hemp in Western medicine occurred
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Medical marijuana therapy emerges as a complementary or alternative option as it has been shown to have positive effects in the treatment of these diseases.
The correct and clear legalization will improve the quality of life of patients, who suffer from painful, chronic diseases or whose treatments generate various side effects. For cancer disease, medical marijuana has been shown to decrease nausea and dizziness caused by chemotherapy. Cannabis also has antispasmodic properties and the ability to relieve pain, which benefits a large universe of patients beyond those diagnosed with cancer. (Loflin, 2015)
On the other hand, when the legalization is implemented, the acquisition of this medicine can be safely regulated. This control will prevent people who require the plant from having to obtain it under illegal standards, whose consequences can lead to incorrect doses, low purity rates and even judicial

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