Essay On Wheelchairs

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Results. Wheelchairs provide mobility that can be either self-directed or partner assisted.
Manual wheelchairs are the most common MAT device (Collins, 216) and allow the individual to self-propel or to be pushed by another person. Powered wheelchairs permit the user to easily control the direction and speed of the machine. Some powered wheelchairs allow occupants to adjust the seat position--some chairs can even fully recline to a sleeping position. Other wheelchairs are push-assisted--that is, the occupant self-propels the wheelchair by pushing the wheel rims, but specially engineered mechanisms amplify or convert the force exerted into greater forward movement for the wheelchair. This reduces the physical strain of operating a manual wheelchair
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Major carmakers like Ford, Toyota, General Motors, and
Honda provide access to these vehicle modifications and many more.
Risks. Driving abilities of persons with MS must be legally evaluated because the disorder can negatively affect motor control, vision, and cognition capabilities. A deficiency in any of these areas can prevent the safe operation of an automobile and thereby endanger the lives of the driver, occupants of the vehicle, and occupants of other vehicles. Certain vehicle modifications may require special driver’s training and licensing for use. Such training may not be covered by insurance and could cost several hundred dollars (Niewoehner, 2013). The costs of obtaining or outfitting a vehicle with adequate assistive equipment may be prohibitive and vary among manufacturers. These include but are not limited to cost of the MAT equipment, cost of an eligible car (whether new, leased, or used), cost of installation, and cost of maintenance.
Handicapped individuals can locate certified mobility equipment installers through a car dealership to obtain specific pricing quotes. Most car companies only provide reimbursement

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