The Pros And Cons Of Management Leaderships

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On my previous research my business was Bluff arts and now I am continuing that business in this assignment as well. In the brief, my business is all about the photography and videography. we have two branches in New Zealand.


A1) The recruitment process have two sources to recruit the employees internally or externally. These sources have pros and cons on both side. So, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of internal sources.
i) Internal Advantage – The internal source in cheaper as compared to external. In this, we don’t need to put the job description and duties on internet. This source is uses to fill the vacancy from company’s existing workforce. This is profitable because the candidate
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Delegation is the responsibility for the completion of the specific task to a subordinate. It is core concept of management leaderships. Delegation is a very good thing for build skills and motivate people towards the job and it can save money as well. There are some qualities of the delegate and these are
1. Knowledge – We need to analyse that the delegate has the knowledge about the job and his responsibilities as well.

2. Skills – The delegator has to have asses the skills of the delegate. They need to check that during on job interview and during the work.

3. Abilities – The management leader need to be look forward towards the abilities of the delegate by giving them tasks and responsibility and analyse their abilities on the job place.

B2. Delegation Process –
1. Planning – This planning is about deciding the duties and responsibilities which are going to delegate. These are the decision of the delegation, which duties and task and going to delegate. We need to plan that what are the exact recruitment of the recipient. For an example, in our organisation we do meetings and give the specific task in general manner to the employees and we always look that they are doing well or not and our delegation are fine or
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Four benefits of delegation –
1. Morale and Motivation – Delegation develops subordinate’s feelings of prestige. It helps to improve their working efficiency. Good delegation can help the subordinate to work for us. It gives them motivation for job and business can run smoothly.

2. Reputation and productivity – A nice delegation can help to improve and increase the reputation of the organisation. It can also help for productivity of business. if the employees are working with loyalty and showing that they are doing their job with all responsibility which helps to gain the productivity.

3. Increase efficiency and flexibility – Delegation can increase efficiency because this makes sure to subordinate their tasks and duties. When the subordinate does the task in write manner then they gain their skills and flexibility of the whole department.

4. Reduce workloads to manager – Delegation of organisation can reduce the workload of manager. They can set the time-table for the subordinates while they concentrate effectively in managerial tasks. In this way, delegation of the business can help in improving managerial efficiency and minimize the workloads of the

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