The Pros And Cons Of Lung Cancer

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Imagine a line of 158,040 corpses lined up in hospital beds. This is the number of people that die from lung cancer annually. Although it surmounts all other cancers with its mortality rates, lung cancer is often given the “back burner” when it comes to ribbons and walks. Perhaps people do not realize that it is the leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States. Lung Cancer consists of many different types caused by different reasons but with several treatment options.
When someone hears the words lung cancer their response probably is not filled with as much sympathy as it would be if they heard brain cancer. While all cancer is life threatening The American Lung Association says “Lung cancer is the most common
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In Bill Robinson’s article “After Landmark Study, Exploring Questions About Lung Cancer Screening”, he writes of the benefits of catching cancer early for more success in treatment. Non-Small Lung cancer, as mentioned previously, is a type of cancer broken down into other types. These types are usually caught in time to undergo a series of treatments. Such treatments include, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, etc. (National Cancer Institute). While treatment can prolong the life of the patients, The National Cancer Institute confirms “For most patients with non-small cell lung cancer, current treatments do not cure the cancer” (National Cancer Institute …show more content…
Over the years doctors have seen an increase in cancer patients and in Kanya D 'Almeida’s article, “Battling a New Cancer Pandemic” she expects these rates to continue to go up:
The forecast by the world 's leading cancer research organisation [sic] predicts that things will only get worse. The World Cancer Report 2014 says we can expect a 70 percent increase in new cancer cases over the next 20 years, hitting 25 million by the year 2025 … new cancer cases rose from 12.7 million in 2008 to 14.1 million in 2012. The same year recorded 8.2 million cancer-related deaths globally. Lung cancer tops the list of the most frequently diagnosed forms of the disease, with 1.8 million cases or roughly 13 percent of the world 's total cancer burden.

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