The Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Register to read the introduction… Proponents of the current drinking age counter this statement arguing that just because it would be legal for teens to drink in a controlled setting, does not guarantee they will drink responsibly. Teens will continue to drink at uncontrolled private parties. Additionally, lowering the legal drinking age also means more young adults in bars. Bars are far from controlled settings, and many encourage irresponsible drinking with happy hours, and two for one specials. Moreover, greater than half of drivers arrested or killed while driving under the influence, were drinking at licensed establishments …show more content…
European countries with lower drinking ages report a higher percentage of underage drinking and more alcohol related fatalities. Moreover, underage drinking has been steadily declining since the drinking age was raised in 1983. In addition, if the drinking age was to be lowered, it means more young adults in bars, and other potentially dangerous places. There is no evidence to prove that lowering the drinking age would make young adults decisions regarding alcohol anymore responsible. Instead of frivolously attempting to fix the problem of underage drinking by lowering the drinking age, why don’t we change the message society sends to our young people in regards to drinking habits, by discouraging the overconsumption of alcohol at any …show more content…
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