The Pros And Cons Of Loneliness

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Human are social creature. We need times to enjoy happiness and working together, so that we can gain a lot of benefits from the intimate relationships with colleagues or friends. Working with colleagues will improve our creativity and intelligence. Moreover, hanging out with friends can accelerate our emotion stage and we can better handle pressure and sorrow. However, alone is relatively making people feel anxious. Those who like being alone and need private space, speak nicely, are some kind of weirdo; if speak bluntly, this means they are defects, and often considered to be socially anxious, bored, or Heterogeneous. Introversion, self-consciousness, shyness and difficulty in approaching people are some clear signs of being lonely. Usually …show more content…
They care about how other people view them and value others judgment. Because of this, they will hide themselves. In one hand, they have a lot of secrets that do not want to share, which is consider as self-enclosing; in the other hand, they seek understanding from others. When these needs are not meet, they might turn into melancholy and distress, thus, develop into loneliness. Alma, from the book The History of Love, gains her loneliness from her absentee father. Her father died when she was eight, everything change. She only has one friend, Misha, but when she got cold feet, they stop talking to each other. Although she likes Misha, she is the one who push Misha away. Moreover, she even tries to find a character from the book in the real world, which is …show more content…
Therefore, loneliness can bring about social phobia or social disorder. Of course, in fact, there might not have such serious tendencies and problems.
After all, loneliness itself is not the crux of the problem. The crux is how people choose and what they choose, and how they determine what their live are going to be. When people are being alone, what happen to their mind? It is really abstract to us to know how loneliness works in human’s mind. The power of loneliness won’t destroy a person, but those who choose to degenerate will destroy themselves. Once a person is being alone for a really long time, they start to lose their belonging and doubt their value, which might lead them to do silly things in order to examine their value. However, these silly things might be the main reasons to destroy a person. Loneliness is definitely powerful to influence one person, but it depends on how this person treated it. We all need a good few lonely moments to improve our independence

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