Colon Cleansing Essay

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During digestion, food is broken down in the mouth, stomach, and intestines. Many nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine into the circulation, while undigested food particles and waste are passed on to the large intestine (colon) for elimination. People normally pass stools once or twice a day, but some people may do this less frequently. The colon, therefore, also serves as storage of wastes until bowel movement occurs.
Intestinal cleansing or colon cleansing has been practiced for over 100 years, based on an ancient belief that undigested food particles, including meat, can build up in the colon, which contains millions of bacteria. The build-up also causes the production of mucus and toxins, which can be reabsorbed into the circulation, causing poisoning. Possible symptoms that are associated with toxin buildup in the colon include fatigue, low energy, headache, and weight gain. Colon cleansing is believed to relieve constipation and fecal incontinence. It is traditionally done by irrigating the colon with
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Various health experts and authors recommend different strategies to cleanse the colon. For instance, Dr. M. Oz, popular surgeon and TV personality, recommends a 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse, which involves eating Quinoa with Prunes for breakfast, a fruit smoothie for lunch and a vegetable broth soup for dinner. The plan also includes taking detox drinks consisting of kale, pineapple, and ginger, or a blend of pineapple, lemon and pomegranate, which could be exchanged or alternated with a veggie snack.
Another author, Stanley Burroughs published a book, The Master Cleanser, which popularized the Lemonade Diet, or Master Cleanse, a liquid diet consisting only of a lemonade beverage, a salt-water drink, and an herbal laxative tea. The strict diet plan is done in ten days, which is expected to cleanse the colon, reduce excess weight, and curb one’s cravings for unhealthy

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