International Warfare Argumentative Analysis

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Argument These authors both covered controversial topics that involve the international warfare that is occurring and the tactics used during these conflicts. I will begin with Mark Bowden and his article about the drones; whether they are more efficient when it comes to the amount of causalities on the battlefield. Bowden provides great information on the positive results that are witnessed from drones being used. Although, he seems to provide an argument in his writing for sides of the drones’ opinion, he seems to favor drones in warfare. The drones being used against Al –Qaeda may has had some unfortunate circumstances occur during battle; ground warfare does not seem to be any more successful. “Even if the machine is perfect, it’s a stretch …show more content…
Compared to our readings of international justice it relates greatly with the analyzation of these situations. These horrific events that occur during warfare are lessons learned. Past experiences help guide through similar current situations. Laws need to be made to protect all those who are innocent no matter the situation. Warfare may contain unfortunate circumstances international justice should exceed war. Only use deadly force when facing the same circumstances. As the article Cronin wrote helped organize the thoughts of who Isis really is in this world. They are very close to becoming a state with the amount of followers and territory they control. They are gaining the population by giving a certain culture and beliefs and also have territory. While Bowden covers the topic of drones in the battlefield he shows the benefits and wrongs for both sides. Not only do drones provide a more tactical and safe battle for civilians and those who are in battle but, also give international justice a new focus. All battles may begin using drones to either increase the amount of casualties or decrease it; this all depends on the users’ main motive. This needs to be analyzed in order to avoid situations that could have been prevented with the right laws. These articles and books relate to our readings as it analyzes what is happening internationally with …show more content…
Cronin mentions how Isis is getting closer to sovereignty while usually other terrorist groups are small organizations. He really focuses on how the United States should not intervene as there is little to no help that can be provided. If so, Cronin should have went into depth on what can be done; or even what other countries can do to help Syria. Although, it is Syria’s battle and intervening may be stepping over the line but, these horrific destruction that has occurred in Syria in the last few years has spilled into the world. Warfare may not be the solution than, what is? Can Syria be saved? Should countries continue attempting to help? These are the questions I have after reading Cronin’s’

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