The Pros And Cons Of International Cyber Crime

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International Cyber Crime

It is not in disputed that technology has transformed the world into a global village. According to Okeshola and Adeta (2011), technological advancements have made it possible for nations to develop and boost their networks of communication, allowing faster and reliable networking and exchange of information. Today, there are about two billion people using the internet and more than five billion cell phone connections across the globe (KPMG, 2011). Most people in the world today rely on constant access and precision of these channels of communication. However, the increasing reliability and popularity of digital platforms has its demerits. As societies and organization increasingly depend on computers and social networking,
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However, it can be minimized. Companies have to protect their networked information (Hassan et al, 2015). In the meantime, more emphasis should be put on minimizing the opportunities for computer criminals to operate by devoting resources to preventing computer crimes and computer fraud. The UK has invested to boost its defence tactics against this crime. Cyber crime in the UK is equated to global terrorism. In 2008, Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) was established to fight cyber crime (KPMG, 2011). This body partners with law enforcement agencies and other private industries. In 2010, the government of the UK committed to offering $1 billion to programs involving cybercrime. The government is focused on creating an efficient law enforcement response to the threat of cyber crime, building on the current expertise in SOCA (KPMG, 2011). SOCA (serious and organized crime agency) is a national police unit tasked with the responsibility of dealing with organized …show more content…
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