Exemplification Essay: The Food Industry

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The food we are eating today may look like it is good for you, but chances are the food is harming you more than it is helping you. Before all foods were processed, people actually ate fresh food, which was good for our health. Food was not processed, but naturally grown without chemicals. Today, industrial agriculture has taken over our food supply (Industrial Food). The food industry is trying to feed more people in an easier, productive way. Since they are trying to make it easier for them, food is filled with chemicals and is not actually real food. This unnatural food is making us less healthy, which in the long run is shortening our lives. Some of the diseases caused from the chemicals found in our foods are: obesity, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. All of these diseases could be prevented, but because of the chemicals in our foods, we are more likely to develop one of them. There have been many cases where people have gotten sick and even died because of the way the food is being processed. Not only are we being treated bad with everything added to our food we are being fed, animals are also being treated bad so we can have more food at a faster rate.
There are many things in the food you eat everyday you probably do not know about. From Additives, antibiotics, different hormones, it is hard to know
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When asked why people eat processed foods, one answer was they are more convenient (Jones). When looking at what to buy, they buy for convenience, even knowing they are processed, and they will still buy them. Another reason processed foods are liked is because they tend to last longer. The shelf life is longer and people like when there food lasts longer. People would rather the food taste good than have them be healthy. Processed foods are made for convenience and taste. They are not made for the health of

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