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Human error is an eventuality, rather than a possibility, so during the course of one’s experience in society there is bound to be problems with other persons about many subjects, in many situations. From these problems arise arguments, and for those who argue rather than shy away, or submit, if not bypass, these arguments, a dilemma is faced because each person who argues seeks to succeed the challenge presented before him, or her, self. Whether one believes he, or she is righteous, and thus campaigning for justice, one thinks he, or she, is accurate, and thus more sensible than another, or one merely wants to win against a rival in competition, success through a form of trial is being sought, and causing another’s horrendous failure should …show more content…
There are a plethora of reasons for why one should prove himself, or herself, to be True, instead of proving others false, wrong, or inferior. It can be easy to become enveloped in the roiling conflict with others who may well seek one’s own downfall during the course of an argument. Miscommunication among associates is certainly commonplace, and assumptions are more often than not made without even being addressed. Friends may say, or do, harmful things to us without even realizing it. These are all instances where one may feel disenfranchised, wrong, invalidated, inferior, or threatened, and certainly one shouldn’t subject him, or her, self to these situations when he or she IS valid, nor should one submit to the will of another constantly when this other person, or persons, err grievously in their ways, and thus endanger everyone involved. No one deserves to be treated like crap, nor must one accept such circumstances. Theres a tshirt circulating among online stores, such as Human Unlimited, and it reads “Do no harm, but take no shit”, and apart …show more content…
In some situations, one might not even be in the epicenter of such an event, and may be onlooking as another is urged into darkness, so in these situations one might shine brightly amidst dim bulbs so that any lost in the darkness there of may see a beacon of hope for themselves. In competition, the objective of all those involved is to win, because one doesn’t enter into a competition to lose, with the rare exception of those who lose on purpose so that results of a game may be altered, and even these persons seek to win, if through another avenue of play. In football, one team can massacre the other on defense, but without atleast one solid play on its offense resulting in points netted, the grid iron becomes gridlocked as injuries

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