Disadvantages Of Going To High School

Some people grow up and know exactly where they plan on going to college, mostly since their parents support a sports team or attended that school as well. But, all schools are different. Some schools include better academics, some are composed of multiple sports championships, and some are more expensive than others. All these factors vary by school and by state. High school students looking into higher education should not assume out-of-state schools are not an option; they may include a higher quality degree plan for a more preferable price, as well as the campus ambiance of another home.
Ultimately, when applying to schools, apply to numerous schools, near home and away from home. Schools do charge an application fee, so put thought, care,
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There are countless websites, newspapers, and magazines who prepare lists of their top colleges. These articles cover everything from the beauty of the campus, to students’ happiness on campus (Jaschik). When those lists are made, schools often encounter spikes in applications. In Unigo’s article suggests to visit all the schools and think personally about them, stay on campus, and eat campus food, even the ones only a short distance from home (Unigo). The final step before commitment is the student weighing the pros and cons and finding the perfect fit. Unigo notes that going to college is a “transition from adolescence to young adulthood and it can build confidence and independence,” (Unigo). Growing up and leaving everything the student is familiar with can be unnerving, particularly after being with the same people for the last 12 years of school. But, it can also be extremely rewarding while building independence and …show more content…
Hua writes, “Sarah Barnitt, a rising sophomore who admits, “For most of the year, I hated being so far. I wished I had chosen a closer school and actually applied to transfer. I felt like everyone from in-state had friends from home. I missed Long Island, my friends and my family intensely and explicitly”” (Hua). Nunerous undergraduates confess that at some point they questioned their decision. Christine Tellier also doubted her out-of-state selection as she watched her younger sister grow up from a distance. She felt like they were loosing their special bond

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