Bias And Bigotry: The Cause Of Hate Crimes

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Though society has made much progress in recent years, it is not completely without problems. One of these problems is bias- defined by Merriam-Webster as an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment. Bias ties directly into the problem of bigotry, the devotion to one's own opinions and prejudices. Bias and bigotry can both be incredibly harmful, in the sense of physical violence and mental abuse. Hate crimes have been around as long as bigotry and bias, through many different forms. However, they are still not totally regulated, understood, or cared about by the public eye.
Oftentimes, when the public views/comes about the subject of hate crimes, they do not think of it as a modern day happening.
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In 2016, the FBI reported that the majority of hate crimes were committed by White people (46.3%). They were also majorly committed by adults (83.8%) (Hate Crime Summary). This suggests that this is not a matter of innocence, but of specific intention and hate or ignorance. “While the depths of these prejudices vary among offenders, they all share a reliance on similar negative stereotypes, which direct aggression manifests, once it is emotionally triggered.” There are several types of offenders, including “thrill” offenders, “hardcore hatemongers”, and “reactionary” offenders. “Thrill” offenders are characterized by “more shallow prejudices” and the want to fit in or conform to their peers. These offenders commit hate crimes for attention or excitement. “Reactionary” offenders are characterized by a higher sense of prejudice and an event for response, “such as… a terrorist attack or even a person of a different race moving into their neighborhood.” The least common bust most known offenders are the “hardcore hatemongers”, who are characterized by extreme prejudice and the joining of a hate group or a “hub website” (SSR …show more content…
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