Concealed Weapons Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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The controversy that surrounds an open-carry law that allows those who are licensed to carry concealed weapons on college premises have been going on for quite some time. The way people will have to interact amongst their peers and their sense of safety on campus will be altered with the new law. Guns on campuses will have it drawbacks such as limit of speech, crime rates increase, or a simply misunderstanding turning deadly. The process on which those wish to obtain a permit or license of will have to go through some sort of testing whether that be background check, firearm classes, or pay some sort of fee depending on state that the individual lives in. Who will be considered the good guy and who will be considered the bad guy when comes down to a hostile situation? College students main focus should be on their academic studies and knowing that they are safe on college …show more content…
At most colleges, safety is the one of the main focuses besides academics and reputation. The open carry concealed weapon law will bring about safety concerns for students. The same thing can be said for the faculty and the parents of these students. College professor will have to face several safety concerns with guns being allowed in the classroom. According to the article, “College Campuses Are Safer Without Concealed Weapons,” college professors have already started to limit their office hours to certain hours in the day. This action will affect the students because it limits their resources. A lot of college students go to their professor’s office to get a better grasp of the material if they didn’t quite understand it during the class lecture. Professor will also not be able to grade to their best ability because they will not be able to give out student’s rightfully earned grades knowing that the student could be licensed to carry a concealed weapon and seek out retribution on the professor for a poor

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