The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Register to read the introduction… This will make a tremendous difference as far as gun crimes are concerned. Kids and teenagers would no longer be exposed to guns inside the households and this will prevent these kids and teens from making bad uneducated decisions. As long as the Second Amendment is still in effect, there are other things I believe that gun control groups could place more focus on to help teens in an effort to stop gun violence. I grew up in a family of hunters, I began shooting hunting rifles at age seven, and I have never committed any sort of crime. I was educated at a very young age on how to handle a gun and the dangers that could come from it. Most kids today were not raised like I was and this where parents and mentors can make a difference. More steps should be taken to educate kids at an early age before they are influenced by things such as television, movies, and the inappropriate music. …show more content…
Parents and guardians have come to rely on television and video games to entertain there children. They are unaware of the types of games kids play, and the types of people there kids are hanging out with. When my dad was a kid in the 1950s, he said that disputes between kids were handled by fighting, and that guns and other means of violence were considered unfair and unmanly. What happened to these times? Crimes and robberies will continue to happen even if we eliminate our right to bear arms. The black market will always be around and criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want. I believe that we can prevent much of this by creating more community watch groups, understanding and educating our communities on the effects of violence, and enforcing stricter laws for purchasing and carrying handguns. As humans we need to protect ourselves, and many of us still rely on hunting rifles to feed our families. If you take that away, then we are defenseless and can no longer consider this a free country to live in. In today’s scary world, criminals go to extreme measures to hurt others, these people will find new ways if we took guns from there hands. I feel like I would not be

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