Informative Essay: Does It Relate To Animal Rights?

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Throughout time people pondered across the subject of animal rights. Even the fourth-century Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle wander across this broad subject. With subjects like this one, questions would go hand-in-hand. You must ask yourself, do animals deserve the same rights as humans? Is it okay to use animals for human ends? How will the alternatives impact us and the animals? These questions remain unanswered. Most people do not think that you will live unless you undergo pharmaceutical treatment. Those people are mistaken. In the documentary, The Beautiful Truth, it shows how many people have cured cancer through Gerson Therapy. Max Gerson is the creator of this controversial therapy. It is a diet-based alternative cancer treatments. He even said that it would cure cancers and chronic diseases (Kroschel.) While following this diet, you must eat all organic fruits and vegetables. A major part of this diet is fresh pressed organic juices. You eat little to no protein, salts, and absolutely no processed foods. Taking natural supplements are also imperative to this diet. Potassium, vitamin B-12, thyroid and pancreatic hormones, and more are just some of the supplements to take (Gerson.) The detoxification of the body through coffee enemas are …show more content…
How does it relate to animal rights? How does it relate to animal testing?” As of 2014, 101 million animals are dying because of animal testing (PETA.) Though not all animal testing is from biomedical research, a high percentage is. The government, along with research universities genetically modified animals for research. Genetic modification is not good for us, but even worse for the animals. It produces incorrect data used in the creating of medicines and treatments. It also is not beneficial for our wallets either. The Federal government spends at least $14.5 billion per year supporting medical research involving some animal aspect

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