The Pros And Cons Of Genital Piercing

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Register to read the introduction… Says one piercer with the A.P.P., "the act of piercing carries in and of itself a heady sexual component". (Alexander, p.1) This is one primary reason behind nipple and genital piercings. When the nipples or genitals are pierced the entire are becomes more sensitive. This is a delight for some piercees. Indeed, genital piercing in America was incubated in gay Sado-Masochistic circles. a 1985 survey of Piercing Fans International Quarterly (a popular piercing magazine published by the Gauntlet, America's first major body piercing studio) subscribers stated that 57 percent of its subscribers engaged in dominant-submissive play, which is itself the signature practice of Sado-Masochism (Wattenberg, Daniel, p.1). Interestingly enough, a third of the people surveyed also reported having undertaken post-graduate study (Wattenberg, p.1). Of course, genital piercing is not limited to gay Sado-Masochists. Many young people pierce their genitals (and nipples) to heighten sexual pleasure. Many women have reported greater sexual satisfaction with pierced clitorises or clitoral hoods. Men pierce their genitals for the same reason. There are four primary piercings which men have done to their genitals. A Prince Albert goes through the urethra and come out through a hole in the underside of the penis; a frenum piercing is performed about 1/4 inch from the glans; an ampallang is a piercing which runs through the glans …show more content…
The entire piercing experience is transformed into a highly spiritual event. Pain is an intrinsic part of the ritual- and indeed is sometimes the entire reason for getting pierced. Body piercing is seen by many to be a pain inducing ritual which can be used to attain elevated states of consciousness. Genital piercings are often done as a sexual reclamation ritual; that is, it's done as a means of reclaiming the body as you own to signify a recovery from sexual abuse. By piercing the genitals, you're imprinting a part of your psyche on that part of your body, marking it as exclusively yours. Reclamation is not always just sexual -- some pierce their bodies in order to demonstrate their bodies exclusively theirs instead of an image painted and manipulated by society. In essence, it improves body image for many young people, especially women. Says one female college student of her navel piercing, "it's very exotic. It makes me feel very well dressed and elegant" (Howard, p.2). Another young lady had a piercing done for "psychic protection" (Delaney, Jim p.1). Body piercing is a highly meaningful rite of passage for many young people. The idea of voluntary pain induction as a spiritual ritual is highly cathartic and often symbolizes the death of an unpleasant memory or part of one's life. In this context it is easy to see the popularity of body piercing -- it is a

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