The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Guiding people from the unforgiving shadow of nature, technology manifests itself from the first piercing spear to the first flying sparks of electricity. Today, the growing innovation of genetically modified organisms will redefine what was once impossible. Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are the result of taking the beneficial characteristics of one organism or a chemical and merging it with that of another organism, to enhance its overall performance for a specific purpose, i.e. increased yield of a crop or increased meat production. Breaking through the surface of GMOs reveals how civilization has gained the knowledge to alter nature for the better and for the bad. By isolating the five main factors surrounding GMOs: environmental, social, political, ethical, and economic; a better understanding is made for the average person to decide if GMOs …show more content…
The manipulating of an organism carries the stigma of “playing God”, since scientists are acting in a place of superiority either by inserting a foreign gene into that of a separate organism or combining the components of an active chemical to bring about change that benefits society . The answer to whether the pursuit into modifying organisms is not whether it benefits the economy, but if it helps society progress into a world without hunger and disease. The modification of an organism could be vindicated, since it led to a “better” world that saved lives from the grips of starvation, but at that same time is it just a momentary solution? “In just the last hundred years the population doubled and redoubled. The number of people on Earth reached three billion in 1950, then jumped to six billion in little more than a single human generation. Yet farmers kept pace “Gilbert

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