The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Humans

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There is a reason humans are the dominate species on Earth. We are designers, we invent to make our life easier and after so many inventions there is always one that stands out to make a new generation. From the beginning, with fire and stone all the way to the age of trains and steel. Maybe our next stop is creating a perfect human with the use of genetic modification. Scientific advances in genetically modifying humans is either going to make a new age, or is going to destroy our humanity; this issue is creating an uproar in the scientific community.

Any Genetic alteration on a human would be a genetically modified human being. From the smallest alteration to our unknown possibilities we could change on our human body. That 's the thing though, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg with the unknown depths it reaches in the water. The article “End all diseases” states, “The true meaning of genetic modification is not to change humans but to save them”(End All Diseases). You can take this in multiple ways, either in a deep meaning like to save humans in a complete species or to change our dynamic as humans; but I believe that it means to take away our diseases and genetic mutation. Which is the main reason scientists will use this operation, but doesn’t mean we won 't modified humans.
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It started in 12,000BC with plants and evolving to animals. Its has been an unwritten law in our society to not modify humans with the main excuse being “we cannot play god”(TheGardingan). As the years have passed and new generations take over, science has started to manifest into these unwritten laws. While more and more scientists go into these laws the past has had very few experiments on genetic modification, DNA replication and anything with plants and animals have been modified and will be the backbone to the research for human

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