Essay Against Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing is a medical test that examines DNA, identifying any changes in it. The results obtained can determine if a person has or can pass on a genetic disorder or confirm any suspected genetic condition. However, a positive result doesn’t guarantee you would develop a disease even if you are a healthy individual. In return, a negative result doesn’t guarantee you possess a specific disorder. There are different types of genetic testing like diagnostic testing and prenatal testing just to name a few. However, as much as these tests are beneficial there are many arguments for and against genetic testing.
Firstly, there are various types of genetic testing for example examining infant blood samples for abnormal missing gene proteins uses
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For example, they might not provide all information that people want, causing doubts for patients. When CF mutations are recognized in parents prenatal testing can be done if the embryo inherits a CF gene. Ethical dilemma arises as couples in such situations may choose to terminate or continue with a pregnancy without having enough insight on the severity of the disorder. Prenatal genetic screening concentrates on personal decision making compared to supervision of analytic disease. Positive screenings conclude more specific tests to justify condition in embryo. There is no treatment available for majority of the conditions before birth. This causes possibility of pregnancy termination by couples or women resulting in ethical dilemma as those who don’t make these decisions can desire to not have prenatal screening. For those conditions with no treatments has the ability to cause psychological harm and prejudice for example, HD. Individuals whose parents are affected have 50% chance of acquiring it and can continue with testing. However, those with mutation have 100% chance of developing the disease. No treatments are available therefore choosing to have genetic testing is extremely personal and is suggested that people have wide pretest counseling. Some people are also worried about psychological and prejudice troubles from testing. Furthermore test data can be used to limit individual’s access to human rights. When a person is treated differently due to genetic difference this is known as genetic discrimination. Safeguarding of private medical information is important although it might not eliminate the risk of discrimination against individuals who have positive

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