The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Screening

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Register to read the introduction… He believes that children and adults with a disability do not have a good quality of life. One of many reasons for genetic screening is that these children will not have to be supported by the governments. One important aspect of genetic screening is that it maybe able to eliminate genetic diseases from the gene pool. However, Brock has had many criticisms from the disability rights movement. They maintain that genetic screening is discriminatory against people with diseases and disabilities. They consider people with genetic diseases to have a high quality life and should be given the chance to live. Many think genetic screening may cause an even higher number of abortions. Along with the most controversial issue of all is that genetic screening will lead to selection of traits wanted by the parents to create the "perfect baby" and not just the elimination of diseases. Many hold the position that genetic screening is wrong and should not be done under any circumstances. If this were to happen genetic diseases will continue to be passed on from generation to generation and there would be an unnecessary burden on taxpayers to support individuals with diseases and …show more content…
Although genetic screening can be beneficial, it can also do harm. For instance, if genetic testing was so widespread, the cost of performing the test would drop dramatically. The equipment that would be used would not be that of the best and the results maybe unreliable. There should be a proper medical environment for providing information before testing and counseling afterwards. Effective and acceptable precautions should be introduced also standards and procedures concerning implementation and the organization of genetic screening should be established. This issue is somewhat similar to abortion since many believe that abortions and genetic screening should only be done if there is a history of a genetic disease in the family or if there are problems during pregnancy. There are many pros and cons in the issue of genetic screening, like many modern ethical issues there may never be a compromise.

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