The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Enhancement

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Register to read the introduction… Consequently, while some Internet sites provide much more specific information, others are more general than magazines. For example, one web page entitled, "International Gene Therapy Sites" (Mackey, 2001) had links to several other sites. One such link consisted of general information including a "Definition of Gene Therapy," "Hurdles in Gene Therapy," and "Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy." This link was obviously intended for someone who knew very little about gene therapy. Another link was to the "Garry Laboratory Homepage" (Costin, 1995), which provided much more technical information about studies in gene therapy. In this instance, the website, "International Gene Therapy Sites," accommodates a wide audience range in knowledge simply by having multiple links to other …show more content…
One underlying reason for these differences in presentation is the particular audience of the media source. Magazines generally have large audiences and thus, a wide range of reader knowledge on genetic enhancement. As a result, they present a range of information and opinion in their articles in order to incorporate the views of as many readers as possible. Internet sites may also cater to a wide audience, but often their audiences come from a much narrower background. Therefore, Internet sites have varying mixes of information and opinion. Despite their different presentations of genetic enhancement, both the Internet and popular magazines are useful as media sources. Magazines may be useful in obtaining a more general understanding of the subject, while the Internet can be both general and very specific. Magazines, however, are often considered a more reliable source because their articles are validated by the interviews and opinions of experts in their fields. If their sources were not legitimate, they would lose their audience and consequently be unable to make a profit. Web pages may or may not be seeking profit, so in some cased they will be less reliable. In conclusion, both popular magazines and the Internet are useful in their own ways, and should be considered valuable resources of information in genetic enhancement and other forms of

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