The Pros And Cons Of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

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Accompanied by unisex signs, gender-neutral bathrooms have the misconception that they were only designed for transgender people. In reality, it also benefits women who get stuck in long lines while the men’s room is empty and parents tending to children of the opposite sex (CBS, 2016). Those arguing against the bill are concerned that many people who are now forced to use the bathroom with people of other genders uncomfortable, and will increase verbal harassment or even physical assault in these bathrooms; however, on the other side, there is a claim that gender-neutral bathrooms can provide comfort and safety for transgender and gender non-conforming people (Siskind, 2016). Even though this society is becoming more gender-inclusive, it …show more content…
For these women, it can help alleviate having to face discrimination and help them feel safe while using a public restroom. However, there is some concern that having gender-neutral bathrooms will allow more sexual assault and sexual harassment against women to take place (Gersen, 2016). However, these articles do not define which women, for example, are they speaking about just cisgender, heterosexual women or all women. In some ads, women and girls are shown as being followed by older men into these bathrooms; therefore, saying no to the so-called bathroom ordinance [is] framed as preventing sexual danger to women and girls (Gersen, 2016). A counterargument is that women are sexually harassed and sexually assaulted on school campuses, on the street, at their jobs, on the Internet, in their own homes, in any public place (Rose-Hodge, 2016). Therefore, just because of the movement towards gender-neutral bathroom, does not mean that men will all of sudden start sexually assaulting girls and women because they already

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