The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage And Same Sex Marriage

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What is marriage? There are many types of marriages, yet the two most popular are opposite sex marriage and same sex marriage. Opposite sex marriage is two people of the opposite sex combining as partners in a relationship by law. Same sex marriage is the same as opposite, but instead of the opposite sex it is the same sex. People have questions such as does it affect family members. Although many people would say it does not, it does. The people that are making the affect on their family are the ones to believe otherwise. They have made a whole new idea as to what society and what they should be like. Not only changing their families, they change their religion. Even though some gays or lesbians believe they can still be Christian and live …show more content…
Same-sex marriage has been a huge controversy in the United States due to the fact people don 't know what marriage is, how it affects families, or what religion has to do with it.
Marriage is when a two people of the opposite sex legally come together as partners in a relationship. “...marriage is a union that is meant to produce children for the continuance of society, and he rejects same sex marriage because it is incapable of doing this” (The Catholic Church, “The Catholic Church Should Never…” 2). People like to argue that everybody deserves the right to be happy. Even though everyone deserves happiness, people choose to be unhappy by turning their sexuality. Same sex marriage has been complicated for many years now, so therefore, people who change their sexuality know that it will not be easy nor will everybody agree with their beliefs. If people choose to be gay there should be no reason other people should shame them, yet you are
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When it comes to family many people will go out of their way to provide them with what they want or need. People always tell each other that somebody is looking up to them so they need to act right. Although many people do not believe them when they say it, it is usually 100% true. Looking up to someone means someone wants to follow their heroes footsteps, or they really admire who they are and think they are really amazing for what they do. When people are gay the people who look up to them will want to be and act the same way they are. After allowing gay marriage to be legal it opened the eyes to many gays. Even though allowing same sex marriage stopped gays and lesbians from rioting, it did not stop the child or adult from wanting to be just like them. If a gay couple raise a child, the child will want to be just like their parent. Therefore, allowing gay couples to raise a child will only increase the amount of same sex marriage, and it is already a huge controversy. So therefore allowing gays or lesbians to raise a family will only lead into more gay marriages, more riots, and more laws for gays. “The family itself is the first cell of society, from which the state receives its existence” (The Catholic Church, “The Catholic Church Should Never...” 3). People that fight for gay rights will argue and say if a family is the cell of society then why stop a gay couple from raising a child. A child in

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