The Pros And Cons Of GM Foods Risky

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GM Foods Are Risky
“What are GMO’s?” is one question the public should be asking. Most foods people consume on a daily basis consist of at least one GMO ingredient. Genetically modified organisms are foods that have been altered in a science lab and have been manipulated into resisting threats, such as pesticides (Roundup Ready) and certain weather. Scientists do genetic engineering, in which DNA is taken from another organism and placed into the crop they want altered. GMOs are harming people 's health, environment, and bees. No living thing should consume any foods with GMOS in them.
Most people do not know what they are eating is costing them good health. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) is a group of international physicians
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Pollinating is very important and if the people continue to ignore this issue there will be no bees to produce more crops and the world can starve. “Over 75% of types of crops rely on bees, butterflies and other critters to pollinate plants. A new U.N. report shows these pollinators is dying fast, threatening global food security.” (Worland 10) Bees that are exposed to pesticides have a part of their brain damaged and cause them to have memory loss, so bees are forgetting how to pollinate the crops. Residue surveys have showed a high number of pesticide residues in honey and pollen. “A total of 161 pesticides have been found so far in beehives, of which 124 appeared in pollen, 95 in wax and 77 in honey or nectar.” (Sanchez-Bayo 5) If bees die off, what will happen to the …show more content…
However, GMOS have shown otherwise and cause illnesses to the people. Yes, third world countries can be fed but what about their health? If we continue to feed the people these Frankenstein foods the more harm it does. We need to think of the future of this planet and the people. These companies are getting rich off the foods we eat. All this money is being made but not enough in studies on the crops being consumed by all living things. The people should fight to get the organic agriculture on the

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