Arguments Against Evolution

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Evolution is one of the most debatable theories in all of the scientific world. This leads it to be very widely scrutinized, turned over, go through, and left disheveled. It has been quite a challenge for so many people to hold their standpoint on evolution, and the monumental theory is worthy of all their sweat and blood. Evolution, though it has its weak points, hold strong through years of testing, the discovery of evidence, and the disproving of other theories. Evolution was first proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859, in his book “On the Origin of Species”. He stated his ideas on adaptation, speciation, and natural selection, and how they all tied together into evolution. He stated multiple forms of evidence, albeit them not being very …show more content…
Evolution only started gaining popularity prior to Darwin’s death in 1882, and since then, it has been tried, judged, and falsely disproved for all these years, over while gaining popularity and becoming more mature and understandable. Conclusive evidence proving evolution is everywhere in the scientific world, and only some of the many little facts and proofs are the following: DNA, the fossil record, vestigial structures, common traits, and embryonic growth, only being a few of the many. DNA is most is one of the most conclusive piece of evidence of evolution, since it shows how organisms have common genes. This shows how organisms are connected, in any way possible. The fossil record shows many animals and plants that have been fossilized, and these allow for a clearer look at common ancestors and transitional fossils, such as Archaeopteryx, …show more content…
It is the religious belief that the Universe and life originated from specific acts of divine creation. For many creationists, this includes a biblical literalist interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative and the rejection of the scientific theory of evolution. The theory is based on the belief that a god created the planet, and for it, made all the animals and plants he thought were fit. He created one male, named Adam, and from Adam’s rib, he created another, this one a female, named eve. They were trapped in a paradise-like enclosure, called the Garden of Eden. The theory is that from these two, the entire population of humans was created. Other organisms were also created in a similar fashion. This theory is preposterous since it is based purely from a religious standpoint, which, in turn, leads it to be wrought with errors and ignorance. The Bible, although it is very symbolic, is not the most reliable of sources, since it is over 3,400 years old, and written over a period of 1400 to 1800 years by more than 40 different authors. The Bible has some historical truth to it, but the theory of creationism has none. The theory is not even a legitimate hypothesis. A scientific hypothesis must be testable and falsifiable, and creationism isn’t either. If the Garden of Eden is where humanity was formed, then where is the radiance of human life from that point? There

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