Eugenics: The Benefits Of Genetic Engineering

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In the beginning of the 20th century, the human mind was much more inclined to search for scientific answers to society’s problems by perfecting the human race by applying the laws of genetic heredity. In 1883, Sir Francis Galton, a respected British scientist, first used the term Eugenics, “the study of all agencies under human control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations.” He believed that the human race could help direct its future by selectively breeding individuals who have “desired” traits. This idea appealed to many people, who thought that there was a “natural" way to bring about a utopian society just as nature “weeds out the unfit" among animals, so too should human society “weed out" its unfit members. In creating a world where human beings would be kind, intelligent, brave and honest …show more content…
Preventing negative hereditary conditions engineering the genetic makeup of a child can eliminate hereditary conditions that lead to deformities, mental and physical problems. It then acts as a preemptive protection for the child so that he or she will no longer worry about inheriting genetic disorders from his or her ancestry. With the help of eugenics, the control of gender offspring is available; allowing parents who want to have male or female children can allow them to have family gender variety eliminating unnecessary surprises when it comes to parenting. Studies show that bad behaviors are due to faulty mental processes found in the brain. By altering the DNA makeup of babies, these mental processes can be controlled and help create individuals that are better versions of themselves, kinder, more generous, hardworking, smarter, better, healthier individuals in

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