Ethics In Pharmaceutical Issues

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The aspects covered in this assignment in include minimization of drug costs, cost effectiveness of drugs, and cost consequences. These aspects form the economic analytic technique that provides valuable information to pharmacists in making suggestions on which drugs will be more economical overall to the patient. The patient is unable to pay for pregabalin the patent product which was prescribed to her due to limited means. However the patient should take the treatment as the medication was already delayed. Ethics in Pharmaceutical Issues

Firstly, the pharmacist should " Promote the interest and wellbeing of the patient". The pharmacist must provide individualized care in an emphatic, compassionate and prudent manner. Such care must be
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S/he should provide truthful, accurate and objective and current information in a manner which is easily understood by patients, It is an obligation to people to tell the truth. It is linked to be honest in the relationship with others and honest in telling the truth. Therefore, the patient should know that there is another cheaper brand of pregabalin.

A pharmacist working in a community pharmacy is usually pressured by owners to increase the sales and if this is not so, s/he will be rules out of the job and other pharmacist will be employed. However, a pharmacist can make their sales space more profitable by increasing promotion on make up or other beauty product, making sales area easy to navigate, increase staff which are which are most popular and with their customer. So the pharmacist shall never increase sales of medicinal product or impose on patient to buy the most expensive product to increase the sales of the
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Moreover, the generic product may still not be affordable by the patient. The pharmacist should be patience and allocate enough time to the patient in order to decide on a treatment for this patient. Since this medication is prescribed by the doctor, the pharmacist cannot haphazardly dispense another medication as this would jeopardise the relationship between her and the physician and also would not be acting with integrity. Firstly, the pharmacist should ask the patient whether she can disclose information to the doctor and provide with reasons why she cannot take the medication and to provide with an alternative medication. A pharmacist must establish and maintain good professional relationships with doctors or other healthcare professions to ensure that optimal care, treatment and service is provided to patients and to

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