Primary Ethical Principle Pros And Cons

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1. What are the pros and cons of your primary ethical principle, in terms of advancing up the corporate ladder? Discuss.

Student Answer: The primary ethical principle can be seen in very many ways in terms of climbing up the corporate ladder of the business world. Therefore, in this category, it is important to take on an ethical principle that fits in most of the corporate organizations. In my case, the utilitarianism approach would be the best primary ethical principal because it fits the goals of most of the corporations or just to say it fits the goals of any organization. Therefore, the company selects and
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According to Halbert, & Ingulli ethical principles are essential to the organization in a number of ways because it helps to achieve several aspects of the operational and behavioral discipline that leads to the success, growth, and profitability of the company (2006). Ethics principles provide a guide to make decisions as well as provide the criteria through which these actions will be measured or perceived and judged by others. The ethical principles in the workplace instill the discipline and the respect within the organization; these principles and standards give provisions to strict measures that would be applicable to the persons who go against the standards and the requirements within the organization. Also, according to Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell `the bottom line is that managers need to be aware of what constitutes ethics, values, of the four approaches to ethical dilemmas and how organizations can promote ethics` (2014, p. 78). Ethical principles also are the best ways of executing and advancing the business goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. In the most basic scenario, our actions not only affect us but also great and largely affect the people and the organizations around us. If the organizations tell lies then they undermine their ability to work with the others as well as face problems in the industry. Ethical principles foster the need for integrity within the organization and also outside the organization so that all the operations are smoothly handled and controlled.Ethical principles instill trust among the employees and the stakeholders including; the employees, managers, executives, customers, suppliers, and even competitors. This is because the companies and organizations have often relied so much on the trust that it receives from stakeholders. Therefore, the ethical

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