The Pros And Cons Of Drone Attacks

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With the uprising popularity of commercial drones, it is not uncommon for people to often think of “drones” as a source of entertainment. Military drones, however, are different from commercial. Instead of being a source of entertainment, military drones are used as weapons. They hover above assigned targets for hours and relay high resolution images at altitudes as high as a couple thousand miles. Drone attacks, also referred to as Drone strikes, are under heavy debate in the U.S. because of their immoral practices such as stealthily stalking individuals. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in 2012, CNN reported President Obama’s five policies for authorizing U.S. drone strikes:
1) “It has to be a target that is authorized
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(Bureau of Investigative Journalism)”
Although President Obama has declared such policies for military drones, these policies are not necessarily effective. President Obama’s first policy lacks transparency, while his second policy contradicts itself, and lastly, his fourth policy deludes the people of the U.S. into thinking that drone attacks are used
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government is careful about avoiding civilian casualties, exactly how careful are they? According to Lawfare, a total of 9% - 17% of deaths by drone strikes are civilians (Singh). That is a fairly large number considering that these are just the deaths of innocent civilians. In one incident, the New York Times reported that the U.S. drones mistakenly fired at a civilian hospital. This accident led to the death of thirty-two people, three of which were children (Rubin). Despite this, the policy still claims that the U.S. government is very careful in avoiding attacks on civilians. On the contrary, some people may argue that drones support President Obama’s fourth policy because they kill fewer civilians, percentage wise, than any other military weapons such as bombs, mines, and mortars. While drones may statistically kill fewer people than other military weapons, they instill a greater amount of constant fear on an entire region. In CNN’s news article, they reported a study that “[drones] harm beyond death and physical injury, publishing accounts of psychological trauma experienced by people living in Pakistan’s tribal region, who it says hear drones hover 24 hours a day (CNN).” President Obama’s fourth policy claims that the U.S. government is careful regarding civilian casualties, however, with the usage of military drones, they

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