Donald Trump Persuasive Essay Topics

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Donald Trump’s presidential bid has been controversial since it was announced. He is a billionaire businessman turned TV personality who is using his fame and fortune to run for president. Trump openly discriminates against undocumented Mexican immigrants. He is planning a mass deportation of undocumented Mexican immigrants and the construction of a wall along the southern border of the Unites States, if he is elected president. As one of his most controversial statements, his plan to build a wall is being scrutinized by the public, the media, and his fellow presidential candidates. There are also many positive aspects of Trump’s extremely controversial plan for immigration reform; supporters of Trump are rallying behind his immigration reform ideas. His offensive ways were funny on “Celebrity …show more content…
Instead of dealing with problems actually facing America, Donald Trump plans to use the United States’ money and resources to build a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration. Although immigration does need to be regulated, building a wall is not the way to fix that problem. As the leader of a nation one must respect all of the legal citizens, at least, and work for what is in their best interest. Trump does not believe that children born to undocumented parents deserve to be considered legal citizens. The plans Trump has proposed do not consider all current legal United States citizens and it is to the point where his opponents are speaking out in concern. Trumps antics are such that even his opponent, Republican presidential candidate and the former Gov. George Pataki spoke out saying that “[Trump] has been demeaning towards all different groups throughout this campaign... he’s not qualified or fit to be president of the United States.” If Trump 's words can be as strong and derogatory as they are during his campaign, his actions if elected president could be

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