Disneyland Argumentative Essay

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Since the 1950s, Disneyland has a good connotation of happiness throughout America; however, it has changed for some people. Disneyland is not the same as it was before and especially for some adults. The millennial generation brings back things that people would wear, listen to, or do in the 80s or 90s because of nostalgia so as a favorite childhood experience for most they visit Disneyland. I, in contrary, believe that Disneyland now associates with a bad connotation rather than a good one because it is a waste of money, overly packed, and attracts children. First, Disneyland is definitely different because of the ticket prices and extra expenses. In the 50s, the tickets on opening day at Disneyland was one dollar per person. Disneyland …show more content…
At a young age, I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings just the big entertainments like the castle, Mickey Mouse and his friends that are roaming around the theme park. Now, as we are older, we are more aware of the people surrounding us. The amusement park is packed with people in big groups which consists of tourists, people with year around passes, or kids in school field trips. These are the people that are constantly visiting Disneyland. There are multiple precautions to go over with children or other adults that are visiting Disneyland when it comes to crowded places, such as disorders, children, and diseases. People with agoraphobia which is when a person gets anxiety symptoms from situations that contain open wide spaces, and includes him or her having social anxiety. Furthermore, with children, adults have to responsibilities which is either having to look after them or try not to come into contact with them. Children are small, a handful, and energetic so they want to run off and do things on their own or just play which can result to kidnappings or even abductions. The second thing adults should also do is stay away from children because they also have no control over their vomit or feces which can lead to a messy accident. The last thing to keep in mind is diseases. Since Disneyland is a crowded area it is easier to catch influenza since it is an airborne disease. Everybody should try not to come into contact with the person that is sick because as a result, they will become

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