Digital Vs Printed Textbooks

Digital or Printed Textbooks, Which is Better?

The teacher goes on the computer, brings up a document and projects it to the class. This is to aid in showing the full class the document. This is an example of one of the possibilities digital textbooks have. In recent years technology has made a huge rise. It makes life easier, or to some people it is necessary for life, being a reason that bringing technology to school would make it easier to learn. With the advancements in technology, electronics are smaller, cheaper, and capable of doing more. Digital textbooks should be used in school, because they are less expensive, more portable, and more adaptable then their printed counterparts.

The process of dealing with printed textbooks alone
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“More than half of the US schools are connected with virtual learning.” (Keene, Katrina) Many schools offer cyber courses to help teach even at the student’s home, but virtual learning is more than just a cyber-class. Virtual learning is also learning with anything that involves a computer of any sort. The teacher can use a projector to let the students use a PowerPoint that they have made to help teach the class. Many student prefer to use their devices to help them learn over traditional methods. In a survey of 500 students, 90% said they have saved time using their phones for studying. On average 98% of college students have used their phone for educational purposes. 53% use their e-books a lot in college (Nelson, Mark). If the teacher is having difficulty teaching they could change the text to something that is more understandable to the …show more content…
Students can store their data almost anywhere. A huge advantage with digital textbooks is that students don’t even have to download the book, they can stream it from the internet; view whatever is necessary or edit the document and save it to the internet. It is also useful to upload the document to a cloud service to view or edit from a different source. The teacher can upload the document to a website and the students can download to their computers or mobile devices. Digital content can be accessed or found with extreme ease. When looking for a certain book, there is no need to go through shelves or hidden spots where it may be. A digital textbook can be searched within the application it is saved in by typing its tittle in a search bar. Even looking for key point can be a breeze! In most E-book hosting software there is a way to search key words that may help to find information on what is to be

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