Diesel Engines

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Back in the 80’s and 90’s diesel powered vehicles were infamous for their loud, smelly, and jittery engines. However, today’s diesel powered engines are significantly more quiet, more comfortable to drive, and with new technological advances, they aren’t throwing out black smelly fumes from their tail pipes thanks to newer catalytic converters. Diesel engines are more preferable today because they are superior fuel savers, last much more longer, and have a higher power output.
A diesel engine is known for good fuel mileage and is more preferable today because they save a lot of fuel. Chuck Schifsky states, “Diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline. One gallon of diesel contains approximately 147,000 BTUs of energy, while a gallon
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Eric Peters claims, “Assuming proper maintenance, it is not unusual for a diesel engine to run 300,000 miles or more without needing major work. Even though modern gas engines generally last much longer that they used to, few can go more than 200,000 miles or so without beginning to show definite signs of wear and tear..” (Motorists.org). Diesel engines were designed to be built at a much stronger structure which is why the engine itself is stronger due to the high compression ratios. A gas engine can only take in a certain amount of mileage before it starts making noise and getting worn out, but diesel engines last longer because of the way they are constructed. If anyone is a highway driver they are better off getting a diesel engined car because the engine is made to take a high amount of miles. Joanne Will states, “That’s because diesel is a very light oil, and when you burn diesel in an internal combustion engine you’re basically lubricating the valves, rings, and piston walls. Gasoline and diesel both derive from petroleum, but gasoline in the other hand is very detergent, so it continually washes away any oil from the engine components” (Theglobeandmail.com). It takes maintenance for a diesel vehicle to last years, but if you do it right it will save you lots. According to Will vehicles with diesel engines can reach a couple hundred thousand miles and still be in great shape. One reason being …show more content…
“Sheer power can also be impressive, because lots of torque is available at low rpm, which makes diesel power prefered for towing. In general, diesels combine excelled low-speed tractability with fuel-efficient cruising” (Edmunds.com). As quoted a diesel engine is most probably in favor of being used for towing because the more power, the more ability it has to tow a big weight. A regular gasoline engine cannot be used to tow huge amounts of weight, diesel generates more power. That is the reason why our biggest machines run on a diesel engine, like trucks and trains. Alex Davies claims, “There’s a reason trucks run on diesel: The fuel provides more torque, which means more towing power and more power off the line. Audi’s new 3-liter TDI diesel engine... produces 428 pound-feet of torque. The 3-liter TFSI gasoline engine generates 325 pound-feet” (Businessinsider.com). According to Davies diesel fuel gives off more torque and with torque the diesel engine can outdo the gas engine almost every time. A gasoline engine does not provide the vehicle with a lot of torque, yes it does provide power but the diesel engine excels it big time. With the advantage of having more torque the diesel engine has a faster acceleration with the ability to tow heavier and bigger loads compared to a gas engine. Gasoline will always have the horsepower advantage as where to diesel will have torque

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